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ETS GEO Pty Ltd have extensive experience in planning and executing fieldwork investigations that enable the client to achieve practical and cost effective geotechnical solutions. We conduct subsurface investigations including boreholes, cone penetration tests, test pits, dynamic cone penetrometer testing and hand augering. All tests are performed by experienced Geotechnical Engineers and Geotechnicians. Our service also includes a comprehensive knowledge of the permits required by local and state government bodies to carry out all subsurface investigations.

Site Investigations
Expert Witness Services
Soil Mechanics
Rock Mechanics
High Level Footing Design Parameters
Deep Foundation Design Parameters
Landslide and Slope Stability Investigations
Retaining Walls
Keystone Walls, Crib Walls and Batter Slope Design
Rock Anchor, Soil Nail, and Shotcrete Wall Design
Basement Investigations
Revetment Walls
Acid Sulfate Soil Investigations
Soft Soil Engineering Solutions
Construction Supervision and QA Services
Pavement Investigations and Design
Dam Investigation and Design

Geotechnical Drilling

ETS GEO Pty Ltd provides a drilling service which allows us to control the programming of field work thereby ensuring that reports are delivered in a cost effective manner and a timely fashion. The rig is designed for geotechnical and environmental drilling and is capable of auger, rotary mud, hammer and diamond drilling. The rig is capable of reaching depths of greater than 30 metres and is ideal for deep foundation investigations. It also has provision to complete SPT testing and U50 sampling. Email Us If you would like a price list for the hire of the rig or have an investigation that requires a quotation.

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Provides Geotechnical Consulting and Drilling Services to Clients in Fiji.


Provides Geotechnical Consulting and Drilling Services to Clients in Papua New Guinea.

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